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HG5BLV Gyuri
(of his help and support of technical parts, radio, measuring instruments, accesorries, and the alignment of the UHF band filters)

HA5WH András és a BME Budapest Tecnical University (giving help with the UHF band filters)

Nivelco Security Lines Ltd. and their team
(of helping to renovate the mast, guying and giveing new parts, the HG5RUG domain and creating this web site and operation of it)

Special thanks to Gyuri Pintér for the help of building up the morse ID'er and Roger Beep circuit, Attila
Borza's work with the cabinet and Józsi Stefán's help the build up the security system of the property.

HA7TM Tibi
(help and advices)

This way we say thank you for the persons, and companies listed below for their much help, and donations were basic to make and keep working the repeater.


HA7HQ Pali
(One of the VHF filter and technical advices)

HG2EBH Zsolt (2m bandpass filters for Tihany side 144 Mhz repeater) Here we say also thanks to Áron from HA2KSD club station about the cooperation.)

HA7PC Karcsi in the help of UHF Yagi antenna.

K2WO George
from Orlando Florida (for the much help and pation, and informations about the EchoLink)

from Orlando Florida and his wife's help in the recordings of the repeater IDs and announcements.

HA4XA István (technical parts and help)

The Flying Chair Ltd. and their employees (for the support)

E-mail: info@hg5rug.hu






Thank you for your confidence, help and support!

We appreciate any ideas and support further.

HA5CD Csaba, és HA5CBW Szilárd