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Short story of the HG5RUG repeater system ...

Since very long we made the plan to build again a gateway station works between two independent repeaters, Budapest the capital and the Lake Balaton, Hungary's most famous resort place, locating approximately 100-150Km-ers appart.

In the year 2002 we visited some american and europian countries to spend our holydays. The amateur radio experiances during the trips gave us special forces to start working with the repeaters. When we were back home inmediately started to survey and examine our possibilities in this buisness build and handle a repeater system.

Experiancies in Orlando Florida were so deep to me I decided to make something like that. Soon we became more and more enthusiastic. The hospitalety of HAM's was amazing.

It was the best feeling when I heard and made connection with Csaba (HA5CD stayed home) in the downtown of Orlando, right just from the entrance of Universal Studios at City Walk via a local EchoLink repeater. When I first heard his call I even couldn't beleive my ears. Not to say whey I connected with only a small VX1 handy from Yaesu was running only half watts.

Since that time we became more and more resolved. We spoke day after day during the one month of stay. Only the time zones had to calculate reguraly. There are 6 hours difference between Florida and Hungary.
The help of local amateur stations were very usefull to us. I tried to ask them about how they made them, and how handeling..? Their answers just gave more strenght to our decisions.

Soon after I returned home, Csaba went to a Europian tour and had same nice memories like me.


E-mail: info@hg5rug.hu


After the summer passed, we started to work on it.
Only the one third of the work had finished. We continusly trying to do more....

The 70cm Budapest side is strated to work.
Here are some pictures about the completed part.





2002 Orlando FL. Meeting AES at Commonwealth Ave. We got a lot of help from here.

It's me HA5CBW and my doughter Niki.







The tower before renovation...
The old mast got new paint, guying and steps too.
The antennas got new consols also. We also checked the lightning protection.


This was one of the reasons explained the total rebuilt...









Removing of all olds... HA5CD on mast.

The new parts waiting for their new place...

Arriveing the ladder with flying chair...HA5CBW.







After removing the old parts, started the renovation.

Everything moved. The new guying is up... HA5CD



After all this, came the installation procedure...

The painting work ...HA5CBW

The final alignments with the antennas...HA5CD Csaba.






The receiver antenna is up in place. (right) HA5CD.





Finished the job.. HA5CD (right), HA5CBW (left) .




The finished mast.


When spring came we continued work. Created the furniture of the repeater, filters... We also tested the antennas in there final position.

Building the cabinet with the skill of Attila.

The finished cabinet and the NSL team. (from left to rightl Gyuri, Attila and HA5CBW Szilard)


The characteristic of the TX antenna. The RX became same as good....






We hope that all these work will serve everyone's joy. We'll continue work on the Balaton side, and hope that also will start soon.

73'   HA5CD Csaba, és HA5CBW Szilárd  

Last thinking of the morse ID'er and roger beep circuit. Gyuri and HA5CBW Szilard.